Women and Gents, I’m about to succeed in the apex of shrimp tanks. Lately purchased a house and going to make this 130…

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  1. No fish… Had a clown fish die on me when I was 6 and I am now 29 and have never mentally recovered 😂

  2. Shrimplantis! 🤩. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Please keep us updated on this setup. Would love to see it up and running

  4. I would make it look like the lost city of Atlantis or some other sunken city scape but that’s bc I like watching the shrimp climb all over the stuff lol

    Large focal point in the middle..pyramid, castle, volcano, bonsai tree, crumbling Greek statue/architecture

    Suss out what brings you joy and follow that!

    Abandoned amusement park

    Great Wall of China

    Bob Ross scene playing with depth and scale. Mountains a lake or river, trees of different size

    Most importantly post an update!! What a dream tank 😍

  5. If it’s just a shrimp tank I’d go with sponge filters if you don’t mind some bubbling noise. Aquarium coop has some great ones that are corse so they don’t get gunked up super quick

    Edit: change grow to go. I’m a dumbass who didn’t proof read

  6. Don’t Skittle it. They turn brown quickly. Try some that won’t interbred. I’m a sucker for some high end shrimp and with that size, phew that’s a profit maker

  7. Iwagumi with an amazing carpet and an insane amount of blue bolts

  8. I wouldn’t do skittles because in time you’d just have a bunch of brown wild types.

  9. 130 gallon shrimp only? Meh. Honestly, ornamental shrimp do everything they do in about a tenth of that space. They don’t explore or play/fight like fish do so they just don’t need that much space.

    I would combine shrimp with a really big school of a small schooling fish like neon tetras or pearl danios or hatchet fish. 130 gallons is large enough that you’ll see really cool schooling behavior.

    A combined shrimp/single species school tank would be really cool. It would place focus on the natural behaviors of the animals and you’d see them as they truly behave in the wild. And with that much room it’s not like you’d be compromising your desire for a really big shrimp tank, either.

    Another option would be to make it a full on crustacean tank. Go beyond the standard neocardinia/cardinia types and also load it with bamboo shrimp, vampire shrimp, crayfish, etc.

  10. lol why is everybody giving you low budget suggestions??? Do a partial Walstad (sand-capped soil substrate but with filtration, etc) Get an oase thermo canister or something with in-line heating, make the tank as clean looking as possible. Varied landscape with some altitude differences. I used 100lbs of pool filter sand in my 75g. You could easily use 200-300lbs of sand in a 130 and get some cool topography. I have a piece of driftwood that rises up to the back right corner of my tank, and the sand rises up there as well. It’s really cool because it seems natural… the hornwort and frogbit have settled in that corner because the hornwort got caught on the driftwood and that caught the frogbit. That’s where my shrimp hang out the most.

  11. Theres a dude near me keeps a 6 metre custom tank just for his shrimp and guppy grass.

    Some things to consider might be to keep just your favourite colour. Get them to a good grade and just hyper breed them so you make a little money back over the lifetime of the tank or to pay for extra special shrimp treats. Not as interesting at the start bit skittles tanks quickly become wild tanks which are still great but much less eye catching.

    Another thing, the pinnacle of shrimp tanks is subjective. Some would argue that neos are some of the more beginner friendly shrimp. Set that thing up for caridina or a ridiculous sulawesi setup and then you’re high end shrimping

  12. Honestly if you could go an overgrown temple or like Atlantis thing with statues but done well so it’s really overgrown and blend in it would look sick imo the shrimp are like aliens taken over the ancient civilizations

  13. U can skittle it, just get caridinas, blk and red king kongs, and blue steels I have in a tank and they rarely interbreeed and if they do it makes cool morph and won’t turn brown. U can also than add a neocaridina type since it won’t breed with a caridina (neos: green jades, and others. I think flip aquatics has a cool sponge filter and cheap for the size. Prob put one in each end than get bamboo shrimp…so make a visible perch and just put a pump that causes flow for them. Don’t get to crazy with ornaments. Make sure u have a nice spot where you can feed and clean easy or catch shrimps. Also I think flip aquatics has a YouTube with a giant shrimp tank like that u could look at….if you do any low plants you need stronger light to reach down….so many things but sooo fun I’m jelly

  14. Use 2 sponge filters, one in each end. Get like 2 40g-55g rated ones, it’ll be enough for shrimp. Don’t want too much flow

  15. You could probably save some money on a filter by constructing your own sponge filters. Get a few different kinds of anubias, ferns, and maybe some susswassertang for starting plants. those should multiple relatively quickly to fill out the tank on a budget. You can grab rocks and driftwood from a local water source, just boil em good.

  16. Whatever filter you use make sure there’s a FINE sponge on the intake. Even then you’ll have shrimp babies in your filter.

  17. This my dream, when i get a landed house, there’s gonna be one room to be my shrimp room. And one huge tank only shrimps

  18. Wow…this tank would be a dream come true! Keep us updated so we can watch it evolve into a splendid Shrimptopia! 🤯

  19. Echoing some other comments, sponge filters should work pretty well. I hear they’re better for shrimp anyway.

    As far as plants go, it could get kind of expensive depending on what you go with, but I’d say easy to medium care and not much maintenance required. So (I’m looking at my 10g right now, lol) a variety of Anubias, java ferns, mosses, underwater grasses like Vallisneria and dwarf hairgrass, maybe some crypts, etc.

    For stocking, I know you said you’re doing a shrimp only skittles tank, BUT. The amount of space you have in a 130 would give you the opportunity for some really awesome schools of fish, and a host of other crustaceans. Agreeing with u/fatandlean that dwarf shrimp really don’t need that much space to be at their full potential; you can still totally have them, but maybe consider other species. White Cloud Mountain minnows are pretty great IME, I saw other recommendations for fish… with crustaceans, be sure not to get anything aggressive that could harm the shrimp or fish. So maybe vampire shrimp, bamboo shrimp, amanos, maybe even CPO dwarf crayfish with all of that space.

    At any rate, keep us updated! This is gonna be an awesome tank.

  20. Bamboo shrimp would be cool too

  21. It would be cool if you added alternative inverts as well such as bamboo and vampire shrimp. Maybe even Thai micro crab.

  22. I’d say avoid the skittle shrimps unless you want all your offsprings to be wild types in a couple of months. A lot of people will tell you it’s possible but as someone who attempted a 75g of skittles… you have been warned lmao. I would suggest multiple species of shrimp though (just not subspecies that can interbreed); like a couple of bamboo or vampire shrimp mixed with some bright neos —would be quite the entertainment! Could get some ornamental snails too since no fish: rabbit snail, pagoda snail, etc.

  23. I’ve always been of the mind that prefer smaller fish to larger ones. I know to each their own, but relatively speaking smaller fish just have so much more *room* in a tank this size than larger ones. You can have many smaller fish in a tank this size, schools of them. There’s plenty of space to establish territory and have social interactions and exploration. I feel the same way about inverts. Having a tank this size for inverts only would be super cool.

  24. I thought a large Skittles shrimp tank would be fun. But I quickly realized when I started getting new babies how badly I wanted to keep different colors together, keep brightly colored shrimp together and have the ability to mix and match how I liked. This will be awesome, but you might find yourself wanting to separate some of the outcomes.

  25. I’ve been waiting for someone to go huge for shrimp!
    I’d go for a natural river kind of scape and just use a ton of rocks from local sources.
    Line the back with Val. Get some big bits of driftwood etc from local places as well.
    You can pick up a cheap SUN-SUN 302 (or similar) canister filter that would be plenty for shrimp even though it’s a bit under sized for the tank the val background would help with the load.

  26. A nice simple dwarf hair grass and babies tears carpet over varied topography, the simple meadow feeling would be offset by medium to small obelisks. Can be various materials to for variety. Top it off with some floating rooters and frogbit. It will come off pretty balanced and the shrimp movi mg back and forth will add movement and keep the eyes constantly looking at different areas


  28. There’s people over on r/aquaswap with great deals in a huge variety of plants and shrimp. 👍🏻

  29. Levels, Jerry, levels. 130 individual cubes each holding a different neo breed/grade

  30. Can you Iwagumi it? I can watch shrimp and snails for endless amounts of time on an Iwagumi scape.

  31. Nice tank. Ok low budget suggestion: diy a filter like [this](https://i.imgur.com/sdZUzno.png). For pump and heater you have no choice but to get whatever is enough for that amount of water. Plants: some Anubias, Egeria / Elodea and Marimo moss balls are cheap and easy. Tank doesn’t have to be completely full from day 1 right? Let them grow and fill out everything. Decoration, just do a walk in the woods and collect a bunch of cool rocks and wood. (It’s important though to boil them thoroughly). Substrate I recommend sand, just get the cheapest or maybe you find some free outside (again wash it!). Shrimp, unless you get different species, don’t do a skittles tank. Just get a handful of Neocaridina in the color you like. Maybe a gang of Amanos too? Both species are cheap. Also get some snails. MTS keep the substrate clean but they will procreate a lot (don’t feed too much!). Nerites leave eggs everywhere, doesn’t look too good. I personally would add MTS, bladder snails and ramshorn snails. (the latter two also procreate). Just don’t overfeed and every once in a while “thin the herd”.
    This should get you started!
    If I understand correctly this is your first shrimp tank? They love: lots of caves and hiding spaces; well established, somewhat “dirty” tanks. What’s your water like? They hate eg copper – might wanna use a conditioner. Capatta leaves are also very good (or other dried leaves)! Maybe a blanched and boiled cucumber here and there. Spirulina powder. No need for expensive specialty foods.

    HTH let me know if you have questions!

  32. Question for myself and OP, as someone who has never had a shrimp-only tank.

    Won’t it be a problem if there’s no means of at least slowing when population growth? Seems to me like eventually the population might grow too much even for that tank, at which point you’ll have literally hundreds of shrimp you need to do something with? Or is my thinking wrong?

  33. Please for the love of god get a canister filter and inline heater.

  34. Gnome child pfp and has a sick tank?? I like you

  35. If money is non object, go for a caridina tank instead. Spend money on a good RO system and good shrimp suitable stratum.

  36. The one thing you want to buy even if you are on a budget is get a good canister filter and put a sponge for the input so they don’t get sucked in. You can find used ones out there just look. At that size tank you’re going to need multiple sponge filters and tons of air pumps, the sounds for all that will be irritating after awhile.

    If I were you I would just pick 1 color for shrimp, buy 10 and let them multiply which they do very quickly. You should also put a schooling fish and depending on your location you can find some pretty cheap at your local fish store. I would do something like neon tetras or White Cloud Mountain Minnows which both can cost about $2 per fish in my area (Los Angeles).

    To help with costs you can get black pool sand at a hardware store for about $15 for 50lbs, you’ll probably need about 3 bags. You can also buy rocks at Home Depot or a landscaping store to fill up your tank.

    After that you’ll want some plants, check OfferUp or aquaswap for plant packages that are pretty inexpensive. You can get floating plants and they multiply quickly to help with keeping your water parameters in check, see if you can find red root floaters, Sylvania Minimia, or Dwarf Lettuce. Stay away from duckweed since it’ll quickly take over your tank. The floating plants will help with your fish and shrimp fry.

    It’s a huge tank and congratulations, but if anything this hobby has taught me is patience, you don’t have to buy it all at once. You can buy the sand and rocks and keep adjusting them until you like the design, while you are doing that you can keep an eye out on canister filters until you can find something in your price range to purchase.

  37. Corner matten filters and planted all over. Ull be good bro u got this

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