Will this maintain some shrimp and snails with out a filter?

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  1. While it definitely is possible to keep a very heavily planted tank without a filter (look up the walstad method) I honestly don’t think your current setup wold work out that way.
    How old is the setup?

  2. You could try making a walstad tank, go check out [https://www.reddit.com/r/walstad/](https://www.reddit.com/r/walstad/), but you’ll need a WAY better light as those plants are just going to die with what you have right now.

  3. Nope not really. You need plenty of plants and plenty of light.

  4. Give it a shot. You can learn a lot from experimenting. You may want at least a bubbler for oxygenation👍

  5. My concern down the line is your Amazon sword will be taking over the tank. They grow big in my experience. How big is this tank?
    I would get an small sponge filter.

  6. i have a filterless shrimp tank , but I gave it 6 months to really grow out first , its 4 gal and very stable.

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