1. RCS wont eat hair algae, I bealive amano shrimp will. So thats probably the way to go

  2. Algae is unsightly, but healthy for your tank. Its your aquarium’s ecosystem way to balance itself out.
    This said, shrimp will love to munch on the micro fauna found within the algae’s hair; they would do well, specially if the setup has several months. They won’t clean hair algae out though…

    Two main reasons for algae growth are:

    1. Nutrient imbalance. For this you could get some very fast growing plants like pelia moss, riccia moss, ambulias, elodeas, duckweed or salvinia. The idea is that the outcompete the algae for resources.

    2. Too much lighting. A photoperiod of 6 or 8 hours would work well.

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