will KH have an effect on berried shrimp

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  1. context / info in photo description but I forgot to add that I did add Equilibrium to up the GH a few degrees! planning to go get distilled water and add that in to lower KH & correct GH with more equilibrium as needed:)

  2. They may adjust. My KH is 2 and my GH is 3, though my TDS is 295, as I have lots of botanicals in the water. ZERO molt deaths. And more shrimp babies than I can count.

  3. Can you retest? It’s not impossible to have KH 21 and GH 2, but it’s unlikely. What is your PH?

    Also, Equilibrium is meant for plants, not shrimp.

    I would use RO or Distilled water and get a shrimp specific remineralizer like Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ if they are neocaridina.

    I’d recommend a TDS meter as they are cheap and a great way to quickly look at total dissolved solids in the shrimp tank. If KH is 21 I would assume TDS is 1200+. My neocaridina shrimp breed best between 200-400 TDS. I’ve had some survive in TDS 1000 but we’re not breeding.

  4. not sure if I missed or not but what type of shrimp do you any neo species should be rather hardy and damn near brred in all conditions but you should always check your water parameters they do prefer harder water though, if you have caridina shrimp (excluding amanos) then really have to watch the parameters and as mentioned it is best to use RO water and remineralize with a form of GH+, Salty Shrimp or the alike, but that is also depending on the type of caridina shrimp you have and a TDS meter to gauge how much you are using

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