1. Your shrimp is really dramatic

  2. She’s having fun !

  3. Ok but seriously, I think it’s just being a derp. One of mine found a floating plant branch that sinks if they climb on it and kept riding it down, letting it rise, then doing it again. I thought it was just being stubborn about eating whatever was on it, but then this morning there were like 4 more all playing the same game with that one branch. Weirdos

  4. I’m thinking molting behavior tho it is dramatic

  5. How much flow is on the tank?

  6. My shrimps sometimes throw themselves into the stream of the filter outlet (it’s not a very strong filter) on purpose, they even form a kinda line on the glass (like ants) and wait their turns to jump into it. It adorable to watch.

  7. Might not be the case here but I’ve had shrimp do that as they were dying. They’ll swim a little less and less every time and over the course of a day theyll just stay at the bottom and die. If it does this regularly then I wouldn’t be worried.

  8. Might be molting soon

  9. It looks as though that shrimp us struggling with the transition somehow and may be experiencing a stress molt.

  10. Lol, my shrimpies did this. They swim up to the flow and flow down with the flow in a cycle

  11. r/parasnailing ?

  12. Is the flow too strong? I’ve noticed that my smaller shrimplets do this when they get caught in the flow and I always assumed it was just their natural response.

  13. My shrimps do that. Sometimes they swim into my bubbler and just float around. They’re always on xgames mode

  14. Yeah, idk why so many are saying it’s funny or silly. That shrimp is dying. Probably shock causing it to molt. I lost like 20 shrimp and several of them did exactly that. Sorry, but probably nothing to do at this point. If I’m wrong you can tell me in a few days.

  15. Might want to do a water change for the nitrate, that’s the best way to bring nitrate down

  16. Keep us updated!

  17. Whats the ammonia reading?

  18. This is too cute!

  19. Free spirit

  20. skrimp is just in a silly goofy mood

  21. Because nature

  22. Looks like he’s doing tricks. That first landing was very “haha, nailed it”

  23. I’m so glad you’ve posted this!

    I have an assortment of shrimp (3 cherry, 5 black rose, 4 blue velvet and 4 jade) and one of the cherries is always doing this. (Edit to add: she’s a good five months old now, and has almost always done this regularly.)

    I couldn’t figure out if she was dying (she’s very much alive and berried now), or playing, or having a hard time (added additional baffling nonsense to the HOB)…

    She’s also a deeper red than the other two (m&f same red).

    At this point, unless something looks physically wrong, I’m inclined to believe she’s just practicing her backstroke.

  24. Looks life fun

  25. my shrimp kinda do this, they just randomly zoom across the tank idk. i’m convinced they’re digging up my plants too!! random bits keep floating on the top and they jump as if they’re trying to grab them and bring them down. i think they’re just pretty goofy animals i wouldn’t be too worried

  26. Looks like it dyinf

  27. Samé happened to me first time getting shrimp. They were all swimming frantically and then just floating down. They repeated this many times but then they all died within two hours. I think it was a shock from poor aclimation

  28. he’s dying. make sure your gh is where it’s supposed to be and that you acclimated properly

  29. My Molly’s often enjoy riding the filter output. Perfectly healthy fish just they are a little extra lol.

    I couldn’t quite understand if all your shrimp are doing this or just the 1.

  30. That’s a mood

  31. He’s feelin silly

  32. That’s how they roll… Around in the water stream.

  33. they go: weeeee!!!

  34. My heart was broken for those first few seconds lmao. I hope he/she is just being dramatic…. Maybe time to feed ?!

  35. Lol 210g with my shrimp I’d say just riding waves unfortunately they rode I to my larger fishes mouth 🤣 saw them ride my rivet currents many times quite interesting to watch even the cichlids and such ride it. Fish love to ride currents I believe for fun and excitement haha.

  36. I’ve had this happen with some shrimp at the same nitrate levels. I thought nothing of it since others were fine, but then these shrimp died.

    Next time it happened, I did water changes to get the nitrates down close to zero and the behavior stopped, shrimp lived fine. I added more plants to help keep nitrates down and haven’t had this problem for 2 years.

  37. Maybe just getting used to his new home 🤷‍♀️

  38. Looks like fun. Maybe he’s bored.

  39. I think he’s fine, but check your parameters just in case.

  40. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  41. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  42. They play a lot I have some that will plant leaves 🍃 that float in the tank.

  43. Was he the same color when you brought it?

    If not, then this is probably muscle necrosis, a fatal disease. And it’s communicable if other shrimps nibble on it when it’s dead.

    So be careful

  44. Just bein a goof


  45. Is it still alive?

  46. He’s free…free fallin’

  47. Mine do this but fall down upside down while holding on to a tiny piece of small duckweed.

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