Why do a few of my cherry shrimp have yellow rings and others do not?

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  1. I’m not positive, but I think the stripe is caused by molting issues – happened to.me for a while until I joined thus sub! I think the solution is to increase available calcium. I do this buy finely grinding egg shells and adding a pinch once a week. But that’s just my guess!

  2. This is the white ring of death, a failure to properly molt and typically lethal. It’s caused by insufficient calcium in the water, which can be measured as low KH. I recommend getting a shrimp mineral additive (I use SaltyShrimp brand on Amazon) to raise your GH & KH to a healthier level. I forget what my exact GH & KH is but my TDS had to get up to around 300 for my shrimp tank to eliminate this issue.

  3. Do you have more pictures? Could be a ring of death from molting issues but it could also be a clear section on their and that is her saddle. I’m leaning toward a saddled female that’s ready to mate.

  4. Unless the shrimp have already failed to molt, this isn’t the ‘white ring of death’. They’re very close to molting however. The yellow that your seeing is referred to as a saddle, these are found on the females and are undeveloped eggs.

  5. The yellow ring is a “saddle”, that’s a female. Easiest way to tell them apart!

  6. I use softened well water and it was a mess at first. So super high kh. Zero gh. I got rings of death and dead shrimp due to molting at first. Now i add calcium (wonder shells or seachem equilibrium, there are other things too. Also, Gh can test high if theres only magnesium in the water. Are you finding dead shrimp though?

  7. Moulting can be weird, try and slowly increase calcium and just let her be, the best thing you can do is wait and pray she will figure it out on her own.

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