What’s your go to shrimp routine? That is my huge lady Prawn Star. See feedback for novel.

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  1. I have a cherry shrimp that likes to go on the highest peak on the tallest rock and just stare at out into the void

  2. My crystal reds like the yummy gum, snow pops, artemia pops, protein and color foods from Shrimp King. They also like blanched spinach, zucchini, and cucumber. I feed them a variety of these so they get enough nutrients, and I occasionally throw in half a snail wafer for a little extra calcium in addition to having fairly hard water. They won’t touch Aqueon shrimp food or the Shrimp King complete or mineral foods.

    I keep them in a tank with dark substrate (which according to research actually does help enhance their colors), natural plants (anubias, water wisteria, and Java moss), zebra stone, a stick of cholla wood, and natural bonsai driftwood with moss on top. The variety of plants seems to help give them places to hide and I see a lot more of them as a result. Their tank has a sponge filter and heater. [Here’s a (not very good) pic](https://cyrianabights.tumblr.com/post/691896250979729408/i-got-new-bonsai-driftwood-from-pet-world-at) of their small 2.5 gallon setup right now. They’ll be getting a 5 gallon to themselves soon.

  3. Go to foods are the Shrimp Envy product line… they are high quality, all natural, small batch and I am able to support a local small business.
    Go to tank materials in the tank are mosses, cholla, leaves (wide assortment mostly self gathered), alder cones, etc. I use amazonia for caridina substrate, black diamond blasting sand for neos.

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