1. I am a complete beginner- so take my advice with a handful of salt but from doing research and reading/watching videos form many sources it could be the sudden change of heat and/or change in water parameters since shrimp are sensitive to it

  2. Could be necrosis. A bacterial infection that turns the shrimp’s insides white and eats them away till they pass. Improving water quality and hiding positions can reduce the shrimp’s stress and boost their immunity to resist, but ultimately it’s not good.

  3. My first guess though is that the necrosis is due to the water temperature change. My understanding of aquarium heaters is that some overheat the water around it in order to get to the intended temperature quickly. This could shock some unsuspecting shrimp nearby.

    Necrosis can happen from pathogens (bacterial/viral) or changes in the environment that can stress the shrimp. I would remove any dead bodies to prevent your shrimp from eating them. This could help limit the spread of the disease if it is due to a pathogen the betta may have introduced.

    Sorry for your loss. Hope they can get used to their new parameters and jump back quickly.

  4. I actually just dealt with this myself. A few weeks ago, I noticed a dead shrimp with a white tail and a few shrimp were already nibbling on its body. I quickly shooed the shrimp away to remove the body but unfortunately, it seemed as if the disease spread to those 3 because a couple days ago I noticed white in their bodies. Had to cull them to prevent spreading. I do have one little baby shrimp left I need to cull that has it but I can’t seem to catch him. He’s way too fast!

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