1. Crocodile role play sounds reasonable

  2. Nice moss!

    I’ll go with #3

  3. We don’t have lizards where I live as its to cold, so couldn’t say. Just had to post though to mention how incredible that moss-work is!

  4. Definitely just fell it, possibly trying to get a drink. As far as I’m aware there aren’t any species of gecko that hunt underwater.

  5. Definitely role playing. I, too, pretend to be a crocodile on occasion. Mostly in shallow swimming pools.

  6. #3 all the way! What is that plant that it’s resting on? Some sort of moss?

  7. Pls get it out i think it’s gonna drown:( in my opinion he is not there intentionally

  8. Nice tank. What plant is that?

  9. He is holding for his life lol. Shrimp seem to be uninterested in him 😂. Any changes in water parameters?

  10. I’m going to guess this little buddy doesn’t belong to you?

  11. What is it?!

  12. What is that plant?

  13. Bro your tank is gorgeous

  14. Very cool tank. And that gecko might be hunting your shrimp and fell inside. I ve had a house gecko that regularly made its way into the top of my tank, through a gap in the tank lid/canopy and actively hunted small fish that were curious enough to get to the top.

    So yes, they do hunt fish.

  15. Do it be dead?

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