What stay crops and fish or shrimp ought to I put in right here??GUESSING 1.5Gal. open to something

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  1. I’m so over these bad jokes.

  2. Look up eco system jars on YouTube, you can go collect some mud and lake water to put in it, over time the water will clear and there will be all sorts of little creatures in there:)

    I wouldn’t recommend putting fish in there, maybe some small cherry shrimp and live plants though

  3. Personally you could put some good fluval stratum for ludwigia, or easy to grow plants like mosses or dwarf hairgrass. Snails are also pretty good for jars. It may be too small for shrimp or fish

  4. Id just plant it and maybe put a little bladder snail in it or two. Itd still be neat.

  5. Your favorite anime figure perhaps

  6. I’d go with 14 bettas, 3 bala sharks, 4 red tail catfish, 5 silver arowana and 15-20 flowerhorn cichlids (they love schooling!!). Start out by filling it with half distilled water from infants tears and half sprite. Sprite removes chlorine and adds the necessary bacteria for your tanks cycle to start…. Wait 69 seconds and BAM… tanks ready for fish. After all your fish are in the jar stuff full of horns wart as this will ensure all or your fish school as one…. Then place in your fridge and enjoy!!… 😎

  7. Just a Aquascape and See Monkeys 🙂 no fish and no shrimps… I think shrimps need at least 2.5 Gal.

    Edit: no See Monkeys, like Artemia or Brine shrimps, they are for saltwater. Maybe a Snail

  8. Don’t put any animals in that.

  9. Plants and a snail

  10. Fish and shrimp will be too big, but go on youtube and search ‘ecosphere’. You’ll find lots of inspiration there

  11. I hope ur joking but those jokes are not fun anymore

  12. I can’t tell if this is a joke or not

  13. You surely jest.

  14. I do marsilea or dwarf hair grass as a front/edge, you could do some dragonstone dead center and plant out some Anubis or buce, and play with some crypts as well with mosses on the edges.

    Fill it about halfway, because you have more room to do immersed plants that will flower and thrive in a different way!

    As for livestock, I don’t know how I introduce it but I end up with a ton of copepods in my jarrariums and love the option of feeding them to new setups.

  15. Maybe a few rams horn or other small snails

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