What number of/which shrimp ought to I get (learn feedback)

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  1. Any neocardinia color, and I always recommend getting a group of 20-30 and letting them breed out

  2. the only shrimp i would reccomend getting are bamboo shrimp or vampire shrimp, but make sure your tank is cycled for a long time and is very stable.

    the other shrimps may get eaten by your platies, they get big

    and for any shrimp, you will need a lot of plants


  4. Ur gunna need some real plants and some driftwood if you want shrimp to thrive in that

  5. So I’ve got a 45 gallon tank here and I’m wondering how many shrimp I can get in here and which shrimp would be able to cohabitate with the fish in here and with other shrimp, I’ve got probably about 4 platies, 3 guppies, and 3 mollies already in the tank

  6. If you’re going to add shrimp you MUST get a pre filter sponge for your filters intake. They’re super cheap and will stop shrimplets from being sucked in

  7. 15/20 in my experience is a good start to a colony. My best advice for shrimp ( I have two colonies in two different tanks for a few years now) is to make sure the tank is more then just cycled. Algae growth everywhere is great and fish pool goes a long way. Good luck

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