What number of Amano Shrimp ought to I put on this 10 gallon?

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  1. None until your plants are rooted 😉 but if only Amanos are kept, 10-12 minimum is recommend

  2. Check valve in the water

  3. I’d probably scary with about 6-8 and see how it goes first, you can then add more if you want

  4. 6-10 as others are saying… maybe a few more or less. If you keep a clean system and the plants develop more technically. But they’ll be all over each other and start wrestling (my observation) for algae/food. It’s more so a space issue than a filtration thing. Imo.

  5. I have 5 in my 10g and it seems like a perfect amount!

  6. I have 4 in a 10 and they keep it more than clean, Definitely would need more space for any more

  7. I’d say 6-10. They often hide.

  8. Rule of thumb is one shrimp per 2-3 gal, so I’d say maybe about 3.

  9. 73. Cause you’re gonna end up with that many in a few months anyways

  10. Ive had 3 in my ten for a few weeks. Feeding extra to be sure they have enough. Hesitate to put my last one in there as it does seem restricted in what they could find to eat in such a small space.

  11. About a dozen.

  12. I have 7 in my 10

  13. I can’t see if there a lid but I have had a couple jump out before I got a lid. Didn’t think they could or would

  14. One shrimp per 3 gallons. So. 3 or 4.

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