1. It’s biofilm. A layer of proteins and other aquatic gunk. Shrimp and snails love to eat it but a thick enough layer can prevent oxygen from getting into the water. Maybe it’s caused by the fertilizers, maybe not. You’ll need surface agitation to break it up, something like an air stone or filter

  2. Now that I’ve poked it my shrimp are trying to eat it.. I’ve never seen this before. It’s not oily it literally looks like a thin coating of wax sitting on the waters surface and it breaks into little white lines when I disturb it. (Update) I just remembered I put fertilizer in there yesterday so maybe I added to much? Still want a second opinion though if anyone knows.

  3. As said before wave maker or air stones / pointed filter outlets towards the surface so it agitates the surface will take care of this.

  4. Biofilm had it on my tank as well, run your filter more towards the surface or get an air stone like I did. You can try to scoop it out but it’s impossible battle

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