What Color shrimp do you guys and women assume would go finest with my tank?

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  1. ask 10 people get 10 different responses.

    get whatever color you like.

  2. if you are into caridina shrimp I would go with Shadow Pandas, the black and blue pattern would pop in that tank. If you prefer Neos Blue dreams would be my choice, you tank looks great

  3. Im a big fan of the color yellow. I think if you got proper bright yellow shrimp friends, it would really pop.

  4. Yellow pumpkin or gold back and maybe blue jellys…

  5. Color Blue is missing in the tank!😀

  6. blue would look so good

  7. You have a lot of reddish / yellowish light colors in there, so I think dark blue (blue velvet) would look best.

  8. Personally I would get blues and yellows. They’ll bring out those colors in the rasboras, I think it’ll look amazing. Really any colors will look good tho

  9. Blue rili (blue and black not black and clear), but since those are kinda hard to find and pretty expensive I’d say maybe the black onyx neos. If you wanna go plain I’d say blue dreams. I don’t know about caridinas but any of the galaxy’s or pintos with those darker cooler colors (blues and greens mostly because purples not really a thing in animals). You have a lot of warm colors and a lime green with a light substrate so that’s just what would pop the most

  10. Yellow

  11. Orange

  12. Bee/crystal shrimps defiantly I’d go for gold crystal or red for this tank

  13. Yes.

  14. Skittle tank if you don’t mind the wild coloration taking over eventually

  15. Jade green cuz no one has mentioned it but blue dreams would look stunning in that tank. Best of luck figuring out which color and hopefully they thrive

  16. Yellow goldenbacks would stand out with your nice reds and greens

  17. Orange rili’s

  18. Red crystal shrimp

  19. Orange Sunkist ommmmg

  20. Red and black shrimp is your safest bet, but blue or purple shrimp are just too cool to exclude

  21. Nice tank

  22. Fire red

  23. blue and red!!!

  24. Blue or black

  25. Blue Dreams or Yellow Goldenbacks.

  26. I think they’re called snowball? White with a bit of red in them they’re a type of neocaradina or the black and white ones. I keep common blues but I think you’d lose them a bit in the plants

  27. Absolutely love your tank, i do agree with majority about the blue ones 🙂

  28. I think yellow would stand out great!!

  29. Maybe blue and/or black rilis

  30. Orange/sunkist, I think they would poo better than the yellows.

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