want Shrimp advise for brand new setup, Yellow Neon or Blue Dream?

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  1. I have kept reds yellows and blues but the yellows surprisingly turned out to be my favorite ones even though I like blue more for other things. They yellow just really POP on every surface. Plus I call them lil bananas so that’s fun too.

  2. I have a blue dream tank and an orange Sunkist tank. The orange are way more vibrant, but I keep white substrate and bright green plants in my blue dreams tank, and darker browns in the orange tank. My two cents would be to go with the most contrasting color to the environment they will be in. Good looking tank!

  3. I have blue Dreams in my main tank…and they only stand out the days after they molt when the color is brighter for a couple of days… Most of the times you really have to look Hard to spot one…. I keep them together with cristal reds and even a cristal red that is trying to hide its easier to spot than a blue Dream on the open.

    If I could go back in time probably would have choose the yellows….or the oranges

  4. Golden back yellow shrimp. They are gorgeous and very flashy.

  5. This is my first tank, I did have the help of my dad who’s an experienced fish keeper since he was 8 years old (he’s 64 now)

    I want 1 kind of shrimp because I don’t want them breeding between each other and then end up with them all being brown-red ish.

    I can’t decide between the Neon Yellow or the Blue Dream, since Blue will be more visible on the sand than Yellow, but not so much b on the wood, rock and plants. the Yellow will be more visible on the wood rock and plants but less visible in the sand.

    What would you choose and why? Please help me decide 😁

  6. I think green shrimp like the emerald ones would look amazing in there but out of the ones you said I would say the yellow ones because you can barely see blue shrimp when there on the wood

  7. Nice tank! I personally love the classic red cherries, they just stand out nicely. Will u have any other inhabitants or Is it a shrimp only tank?

  8. Gorgeous tank! Blue will show up on the substrate, yellow on the plants. I’m working on a similar dilemma. Good luck!

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