[Urgent help] I’ve a planted tank with guppies, tetra, betta(feminine) and shrimps. One of many feminine shrimp is about to…

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  1. Will you be able to do the same every time one of your females gets berried?

    She has already layed her eggs. She will carry them until they hatch. Then tiny shrimp will hatch from the eggs.

    If a fish spots a newly born baby…they will try to eat it. That’s what fish do… eat things that can fit in their mouths. But baby shrimp are pretty good at ducking into cover.

    If there are lots of plants in your tank, and it looks like there might be from this photo, then there’s a good chance some will survive to adulthood.

    This is going to be a neverending issue as long as you have shrimp in with these species of fish.

    Got any female Guppies? Guppies eat their own babies. The Betta will eat them also until they get too big to eat.

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