[Urgent help] I’ve a planted tank with guppies, tetra, betta(feminine) and shrimps. One of many feminine shrimp is about to…

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  1. If you want all 20 of them to survive them separate them… My shrimps breed like rabbits and I end up with more than I want even without separating them.

  2. If you have lots of plants and other hiding spaces, at least a few of them will survive. If you’re wanting a large batch then yes, you will want to separate them

  3. Shrimp don’t “lay eggs” they hold them until they hatch, and all fish eat baby shrimp. Just got to have a lot a places to hide for them like a chollo log. I think that’s how you spell it it’s a hallo log that they can hide in.

  4. Yes seperare them, your tertras and guppies will leave non if you don’t.

  5. I unintentionally bred these in my tank and ended up with like 200 🤣🤦 But I also have a ton of hiding spots (densely planted, with wood and tons of hiding spots). If you don’t have a ton of spots for them to hide and want a ton of them to survive, then you could move her if you like. But if you have lots of plants, you should be able to raise quite a few in-tank.

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