Uncommon & Unique SHRIMP STORE TOUR! Shrimps Affair Singapore

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This shrimp retailer in Singapore has some RARE and EXOTIC shrimp!! It’s unimaginable that I’ve by no means seen many of those aquarium shrimp earlier than.
For those who’re fascinated with shrimp and are in Singapore, positively go to this shrimp retailer! Hope you guys loved this shrimp retailer tour 🙂

Shrimps Affair
Tackle: #01-37 French Rd, Blk 801, Singapore 200801
Fb: https://m.fb.com/pages/class/Aquatic-Pet-Retailer/Shrimps-Affair-Pte-Ltd-430485160805224/

Japanese Grasp Breeders Unbelievable Shrimp Room Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wB3lfDay3U
▶︎Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpApuc8SzdcvubLk2snN0NQ?view_as=subscriber

▶︎Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryowatanabee/?hl=en

Caridina and Neocaridina shrimps on this video:
– Golden Boa Shrimp
– Pink Boa Shrimp
– Stardust Boa Shrimp
– Galaxy Tiger Shrimp
– OEBT Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp
– Galaxy Fishbone Shrimp
– Nanacy Shrimp
– Wine Pink Shrimp
– Mosura Wine Pink
– Black King Kong Shrimp
– Fireplace Pink Shrimp
– Blue Fantasy Shrimp
– Blue Diamond Shrimp
– Full Blue Shrimp
– Orange Rili Shrimp
– Black Rili Shrimp
– Sunkist Orange Shrimp
– Golden Yellow Crossback Shrimp
– Pink Rili Shrimp
– Snowball Shrimp
– Crystal Pink Shrimp
– PRL Pure Pink Line Shrimp
– PBL Pure Black Line Shrimp
– Pink Fancy Tiger
– Nanacy Fishbone Shrimp
– Hole Ghost Eye Shrimp
– Black Fancy Shrimp
– Pink Noticed Pinto Shrimp
– Blue Base Pinto Shrimp
– OEBT Golden / Orange Eye Black Diamond Shrimp
– Black Galaxy Shrimp
– Flame Moss for Shrimp 🙂
– Stardust Shrimp
– Sulawesi Shrimp
– White Socks Sulawesi Shrimp
– Harlequin Sulawesi Shrimp
– Galaxy Sulawesi Shrimp
– Celebes Magnificence Sulawesi Shrimp
– Blue Leg Poso Sulawesi Shrimp
– Tigris Sulawesi Shrimp
– Yellow Cheek Sulawesi Shrimp
– Yellow Nostril Sulawesi Shrimp
– Pink Boxer Sulawesi Shrimp
– Pink Orchid Sulawesi Shrimp
– White Orchid Sulawesi Shrimp
– Sulawesi Snails
– Orange Poso Sulawesi Snail
– Golden Noticed Sulawesi Snail
– Mini Poso Sulawesi Snail
– Ivanacara Adoketa
– Zebra Cichlid
– Apistogramma Cichlid
– Agasizzii Apistogramma Cichlid
– Agassizzi Tefe Pink Cichlid

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