1. So I’m curious, are you breeding a feed tank or a pond tank?

  2. It’s dark and I was shining a flash light in there, that is why the Moina are accumulating where I filmed. They’re much much smaller than Daphnia.

    I find it quite fascinating how much activty is going on in such ‘dirty’ substrate and mulm. This is the deepest spot in my tank, which is loosely covered in Catappa Leaves.

    The Tubifex Worms reach very deep into the substrate. They seem to build colonies. There’s Water Mites (I believe) visible crawling on plant detritus, they’re black with a yellow banded cicle. You can see a Seed Shrimp appear at around s22 on the left. There’s also lots of tiniest crawling critters and worms, hard to see on the video, and the substrate holds all kinds of eggs. Not on the video are different kind of worms, a limpet species I believe, different Seed Shrimp species and whatnot.

  3. you not scared they going to hop out the tank at night and get u?

  4. Some fish would be very happy in that tank.

  5. This is very cool. I remember having a blackwater snail tank and the ecosystem that appeared in it was stunning. Tiny flat worms chasing detritus worms, tiny hydra catching copepods. I’d stare at it with my magnifying glass. Did you intentionally add any of the critters in this video?

  6. so thats what they look like alive ive only seen frozen ones

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