1. That betta is gorgeous

  2. Unicorn Betta. Holy moly, he is stunning.

  3. Shrimp are quite daring! Are those peppered Corys?

  4. Does that Betta really not bother you’re Cherries?!?

  5. This is an awesome colony. What size is the tank?

  6. When I used to have bettas they never ate off the bottom. That’s cool yours will contribute to a bit of cleanup.

  7. My cherries will shove anybody out of the way to get to food! It’s hilarious whenever a camera comes out, a betta HAS to be in the focus, my boys are the same. He’s majestic!

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous betta!!

  9. I think that’s the most beautiful betta I have ever seen! Wow!

  10. That’s a giant betta right ? How are they health wise compared to standard ones.

    He looks like a dream

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