Tiny, inexperienced organisms on the glass of my Cherry Shrimp tank?

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  1. They are called hydra and can often be a sign of over feeding.

  2. you need to get rid of these as they kill baby shrimp. No Planaria usually works, but if you have snails then they’d need to be relocated until the tank is free of treatment. hydra are a sign your over feeding. I feed every 3 days at most.

  3. Poor thing. Ya got hydra

  4. I’ve seen a lot of these green, palm tree shaped things stuck to the glass of my Shrimp tank recently. I have no clue what they are or if they’re a good or bad sign.

  5. Good luck getting rid of them my friend! 🙂

  6. they do no harm and are cool to look at through magnifying glass.
    Some fish eats them too

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