This query has in all probability been requested quite a bit, however will shrimp do alright with khulis? I’ve my 27 who I barely see in my…

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  1. It’s all about size. Most fish will eat shrimp if it fits in their mouth. Most adult shrimp are big enough to not be seen as food but juveniles will be preyed upon. Baby shrimp will 100% be preyed upon unless you have alot of good hiding spots the loaches can’t get into.

  2. My kuli hasn’t eaten any shrimps that I’m aware of, but my shrimps are definitely bigger than mouth of kuli

  3. If they encounter and can catch shrimplets they will eat them

  4. I would be more worried about the guppies versus the khulis

  5. Without predators, they won’t be stressed/hide. Hiding is a stress response. They smell/taste fish in the water with them.

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