Then and now (Vampire shrimp molts, ~2 yr distinction)

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  1. Everytime mine molt I swear one of them died. The first time I saw one of them molt, I had no idea whiskers would be part of it.

  2. Vampire shrimp are so cool but I’ve noticed the last like 4 years LFS’s seem to think they are some kind of super exotic thing and charge and arm and a leg now.

  3. Incredible 😍 I’ve been thinking about trying to preserve my bamboo shrimp’s molts. Can we see a pic of the absolute unit in question, whenever they’re out and about again?

  4. Do they not eat them?

  5. Ngl they look like flood infection forms

    Awesome molts!

  6. I’ve been thinking of getting them at some point, god any good care guides or tips?

  7. I used to save the molts of the crayfish when I kept them a long time ago. it was fun to see them get bigger.

  8. gave me chills

  9. Vampire what?

  10. Gabon shrimp, I’ve had them. The front legs are quite powerful and can punch trough skin.

  11. TIL what shrimp look like before they’re processed to be eaten

  12. how cool are those things! thanks for sharing.

  13. Wonder if these would make good fishing lures. 🤔

  14. The bottom one kinda looks like a moth

  15. Where do you buy shrimps?

  16. Boil those in a pot of water with some veggies and you’ll have a great shellfish stock.

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