The way to do away with bladder snails safely? I might get a loach or one thing however I’ve shrimp and different snails that I’d…

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  1. Assassin snails

  2. Feed your fish enough without leaving any extra food in the tank, or you can fish out extra food. Other than that, you gotta fish out the snails or just live with them. They’re beneficial to the tank and aren’t harmful in any way

  3. Get rid of bladder snails they can poop alot! And they will clog up your filter and eat you plants and breed with them selves

  4. Put a piece of cucumber or other vegetable in there and wait for them to flock to it. You might have to peel off the creatures you want to keep. It’ll be a slow process and will take multiple days but eventually you can remove the worst of the overcrowding. Unless you bomb your tank and start over you won’t be able to completely get rid of them due to the other inhabitants.

  5. Just run the cucumber on a plate routine when you want to decrease the numbers, just make sure to remove any livestock you want to keep!

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