1. I love the two fish in the back being very enthusiastic spectator LOL

  2. Human be like: What a profound moment, I really feel a connection between me and my shrimp

    Shrimp be like: is this food

  3. Came for the shrimp… stayed for the photo bombing guppies!

  4. I absolutely love this picture!

  5. Nice! So how do you feed the shrimp with the winged piglets always on the hunt?

  6. Leonardo da Shrimpi

  7. I’ve heard Neocaridina are intelligent and will go out of their way for attention. Is this true in your experience?

  8. Why is your finger fuzzy?

  9. The shrimpstine chapel

  10. Ha!!! I love the witnesses in the background 😂

  11. The Guppies Gathered As Angels on High

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Keeping Shrimp
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