1. I found someone on Etsy who makes 3-D printed screens that fit perfectly. I got them for my tank as I have a mountain minnow fry in my tank and it’s worked so far! And they just snap on and off so you can easily remove them later if you want. The seller is called WoodyGoodGifts

  2. I have a filter I got from Etsy on my spec V, I topped up the tank and found 8 babies in the back somehow and not sure how to get them out..

  3. I don’t know if they get stuck or like being in there. They’re weird little things. I gave up fighting with them a while ago, they won that one.

  4. I have the flex tank, but it’s the same design. I fill that area with filter floss, they can’t get past it plus they love to graze on the floss.

  5. You can use tule. And then superglue it around that worked for me

  6. I put corse foam on both my flex tanks. Corse let’s some things still make it into the filter while keeping shrimp where the belong.

  7. Lidpropz I think is an Etsy shop that has tons of tank mods. I know they do fluval spec

  8. Super glue filter foam material over it.

  9. The spec 5 has a little hole about three quarters of the way down underneath that filter opening. You have to put something over that hole too, I have a piece of sponge superglued over it.

  10. I used stainless steel mesh. From Amazon, cheap. Cut it to shape and bent over.

  11. Had this exact tank, I just cut out that top filter with a dremal to make it easier for them to get back.

  12. I removed the filter & partition and added a double sponge filter. The old filter/motor was pain in the butt to get to and clean even with my little hands.

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