So I found floating crops…. Gg, ez. But I can’t preserve a cherry shrimp alive price a rattling. 😩

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  1. Omg saaameeeeeee 😵‍💫🤧😭😭😭
    I’ve spent at least 100 bucks now on different batches of shrimp – acclimate them drop by drop and everything – so far only 5 survivors overall from around 40 shrimp bought. And never any babies.

    I legit have dreams sometimes about successfully keeping and breeding shrimp. Then I wake up and realize it was a dream. It’s very sad.

    My frogbit and giant duckweed are doing great tho lol

  2. Those are some pretty floaters. I tried RRF once and killed them. I want to try them again but can’t find them at the shop where I purchased them.

  3. I’ve got a heavily planted 20 gal, it’s set up as a blackwater tank and my cherry shrimp are breeding like mad! Though no top floating plants. I do nothing other then light on timer, top off with RODI as needed and a variety of different foods. Feed flacks one day, next it’s a mix of thawed blood worms, mysis shrimp, copepods, shrimp eggs etc. My larger 60 gal with floating plants like yours shrimp won’t survive for long. I’ve tried Cherry, amano and ghost shrimp. Not sure why.

  4. I’m the opposite, can keep shrimp going even in some questionable conditions for sure, but can’t keep any floaters at all. Duckweed, frogbit, rrf, you name it.

  5. omg how?!? my shrimps are thriving but I can’t keep floating plants alive 🥲

  6. I prefer amano shrimp, they clean better and are easier to maintain! Sorry for your loss!

  7. Dang…i want some red root floaters.

  8. Sounds more like wherever you get your shrimp from doesn’t have healthy shrimp.

  9. I did an experiment like this where I let my red root floaters cover my entire top. My entire HC carpet started to die and lifted off the substrate. I ended up throwing away 95% of the floaters after that and I pulled and replanted the carpet. It’s been a few weeks and the carpet is coming back nicely and the floaters are almost ready to be discarded again. before I let the floaters take over salvaging and regrowing the carpet

  10. What is the plant growing out the back?

  11. Hey op honestly I won’t read all the comments but from what I’ve read I would make sure there’s no copper on your tank. Like ferts with copper, plants that were treated with copper, or copper in your pipes. Other than that I would worry a lot less about TDS and a lot more about GH and stability

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