Smaug the Tesselata Moray Eel and Bilbo his Cleaner Shrimp

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  1. Now THAT’S some quality dental!

  2. Superb naming skills OP

  3. Love the name Smaug

  4. Not gonna lie, Smaug was a huge inspiration in getting my Snowflake Eel. I love this lil dude!

  5. Shrimpy got racing stripes

  6. When an eel bites your thigh and you bleed out and die, that’s a moray.
    Stick your hand in that crack and you won’t get it back, that’s a moray.
    When an eel has a maw with a pharyngeal jaw, that’s a moray.
    When its jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, thats a moray.

  7. I love everything about this post

  8. Time for his annual dentist visit I see

  9. Stunning. How big is Smaug he looks huge!

  10. 🎵🎶When you live in a reef and your friend cleans your teeth, that’s a moray…🎵

  11. The eel’s pattern reminds me of a leopard gecko

  12. Free dental insurance

  13. I have a few cleaner shrimp and they clean my toby puffer, a guy designed to eat shrimp. Gotta love it!

  14. The placement of the shrimp reminds me of joker with the scars

  15. More pics and info on r/MarineEels

  16. That is a beautiful eel. Nice pic

  17. Man I wish I had a cleaner shrimp…

  18. Man, I know I’ll never have a tank that can handle this but a man can dream. This is dope!

  19. He has nice manners for a liar… and a thief.

  20. So cool! I thought the eel would chomp down on your little guy. I love it.

  21. awesome, i cant wait to get to this level of aquarium life.

  22. ❤️

  23. What a beautiful pattern combo!! 💕

  24. What kind of Shrimp is that?

  25. That’s a lot of trust for some food

  26. congrats on being a nerd…… just kidding . those are prety cool looking

    looks like you have a shrimp dentist

  27. Good boi 🦐

  28. I ‘ve seen a lot of gorgeous pictures of your eels lately. You have an amazing setup. I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but I haven’t seen it or an answer; do the eels ever go after the other fish?

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