Singapore/Bamboo Shrimp as cleaners?

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  1. Filter feeders, not cleaners

  2. They don’t do much cleaning of anything. Sometimes you’ll see them stir up lightweight substrate to catch the debris and eat it. They are a cool shrimp to keep though. Best suited to very mature tanks with a good amount of current. Also, I learned that they can climb very well. One of mine crawled out and ended up drying out under the table about 10 feet away.

  3. What everybody else said. They just feed from the water column. They also require high water flow.

  4. Get one if you genuinely want one and have a well established, planted tank with at least a few high flow areas. They’re not cleaners, they’re filter feeders. So they will remove small particles from the water, but that’s it.

  5. I love them. Be aware that they are curious about their environment. If I put my hands in the tank to clean or plant, I’ll usually have a few hitchhikers riding on my arms. Be careful not to accidentally take one out of the tank.

  6. Both of mine are fixtures on a single power head that is low near the substrate in the gross corner of the tank that accumulates stuff. They have no fear and are fed like kings.

  7. They need to be fed. They don’t do any cleaning like a Amano. I fed mine ground up, powered fish flakes.

  8. They feed from particles in the water. Their effect on the water should be insignificant compared to what a filter does. In contrast, they won’t be able to feed if the water is perfectly clean. You’ll have to provide them some food daily since the filter will be removing it from the water.

  9. Like everything said. Bad cleaners.
    But they look super cool having a small colony near a sponge filter.

    These get BIG tho. Like american cockroach size.
    Shrimp look a lot less cute when they are that huge.

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