Simply began this right now. Questioning if I can add shrimp.

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  1. The tank most likely isn’t cycled so you should wait around 6 weeks while adding some fish food into the tank every couple days to feed the beneficial bacteria I would highly recommend searching on YouTube for the nitrogen cycle and how to fishless cycle a aquarium also get a water test kit so you can check the parameters shrimp are very sensitive animals and can die as soon as you add them to a tank so after the tank cycles and you add the fish wait a while for the tank to mature till you add the shrimp hope they his helps good luck

  2. If you want to do a fish in cycle, shrimp are one of the worst options. Snails or small hardy fish are a better option

  3. You could, but I suggest adding some cover to that filter, shrimp are small and could be sucked in.

  4. Id recommend against it. I added 6 shrimp to my tank 2 weeks after adding water and only 3 survived. Shrimp are extremely sensitive to issues with water parameters, you can see from my profile I learned it the hard way!

  5. You could put one or two shrimp in now. However, go to a LFS and look for something that’ll have beneficial bacteria on it.

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