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Hello Shrimp Folks!

As we speak’s video options a number of vital ideas for shrimp tank water adjustments

These are recommendations primarily based alone private success. I do suggest a water change each 7-10 days for both Neocaridina or Caridina. Shrimp admire water adjustments and might even do a lot better when it comes to breeding, exercise and development charge when water adjustments are usually performed. As your colony grows, and waste builds up within the tank, these water adjustments can even assist preserve your nitrates down and your TDS on the proper ranges

For Neocaridina-
10% water change is adequate each 7-10 days, for a small colony
As your colony will get bigger, and the shrimp produce extra waste, Neos will settle for bigger quantity water adjustments. These will increase ought to be performed slowly.

For Caridina-
10% water change is adequate each 7-10 days for a small-medium sized colony
For shrimp keepers who’re experiencing very massive Caridina inhabitants, they are going to admire as much as 15% OR do your 10% water change extra ofen then each 7-10 days (instance, perhaps each 6 days works for you) I don’t suggest doing extra then 10% at one time on a Caridina Tank until you’re skilled (and people folks most likely already know what works for them and needn’t watch my video! ) 🙂

Just a few tips-
.Be certain your Water Change Water is identical temp because the Tank Water (keep away from dramatic temp swings)
.In case your utilizing Faucet water, be sure you use a product like PRIME
.Pull your water from the center or high a part of the tank. The one time it is best to convey your vacuum down to choose up particles is when you have alot of seen poop piled up, normally this occurs when you might have a big colony
.If you happen to suppose your shrimp want extra then a ten% water change, you are able to do it extra typically or enhance very slowly to see how they do (THE KEY IS SLOW!)
.Instance of what NOT TO DO – Do not do no water adjustments ever after which do a 50% water change!
.You’ll be able to choose to drip your water again into the tank as a substitute of pour it proper in
.Hold your water adjustments on a daily schedule
. REMEMBER, GO SLOW till you recognize what your shrimp settle for and like!



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