1. I have my little fluval set up as a shrimp tank in my bedroom 😂 had to do a double take, it looks so similar!

  2. That’s a crazy dildo

  3. Ahh a fellow blaze and gazer. Great way to experience the hobby.

  4. I have the same tank, but without co2. What co2 system are you using? I really need to consider adding one.

  5. CO2 got u lookin THICCC!!! Love getting blazed and watching my Lil dudes working. I cut some window screen to put over the intakes… shrimplets might still fit through. BTW how do you keep all of that veg off the filter grill?

  6. Great tank and sweet rig too! 😀

  7. The holy trinity

  8. Are you single

  9. nice!!! dude I have the exact same rig setup right now!

  10. I’m sorry… is that a blow torch and a bong?

  11. Well with a corner like that it’s only a matter of time before the lady/man/person comes

  12. Clean that banger bro

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