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  1. I’m also fairly new! I’ve had shrimp in my tank for less than a week.
    Sounds like you’ve done research, which is honestly the biggest tip anyone can give you!
    There’s so many ranges of water parameters to find on the internet, so once your tank cycles, the most important thing is consistency. Once your shrimp adapt, they’ll be comfortable in their new home as long as you don’t micromanage! Test twice a week for the first two months or so. Keep track of parameters via an app or excel, etc, I use Aquarium Log which is pretty neat when you figure it out!
    Purchase some quick start when you’re finally ready to add shrimp, some fritzzyme 7 (or beneficial bacteria), and just wait and get excited!
    One thing I learned is to make sure that tank is exactly how you want it before adding the little guys, it’s a lot harder to change things like substrate later, but as our first tanks, it’s really fun just to see how it all will go.

    For the snails – I’m pretty sure they reproduce fairly quickly, so maybe 5 snails would be good to start, but that’s only my opinion! After 5 days with a few tiny snails, mine have already grown and there’s new tinier snails! They won’t overpopulate unless you’re overfeeding though.
    Anyway, best thing to do is research, prep, and enjoy!!
    Props to u/Low-lowlife for amazing tips and all my plants and shrimp! Finding a ‘mentor’ of sorts from this sub has been the best part for me 🙂

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