1. I’ve had a similar experience with the hazy-ness not going away, even after trying multiple different methods to clear it, including just waiting for the good bacteria to clean it up. Nothing worked, but then I switched from an internal filter to a sponge filter that sits slightly above the substrate, and my water was clear the next 2 days. Cant say it’ll work 100% but could be worth a try if you can acquire the almighty sponge filter. Pretty cheap, got my medium size(20gal and up) aquarium co-op sponge filter for $13 from my lfs. Not a lot fish stores carry aquarium co-op items though(only 1 near me does) so I’d check online if you do wanna purchase one.

  2. what kind of filter do you have and what media do you have?

  3. How are you cleaning your media? Looks like bacterial bloom or mini cycle where you did something to your beneficial bacteria and they can’t handle what’s in the tank now. Also test your ammonia and nitrites levels.

  4. Stop changing water. Haze means your tank is not established.

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