1. Thabks for all your comments!
    I will definitely keep and feed them in my filter and see what the will grow into!
    I will post updates when they are bigger. What ever they are haha.

    More info:
    I set up a 500l cold water AQ 2 month ago. Many plants from an european online store and lots of snails. 200l filter tanks. 1 month ago I introduced 2 tench, 5 bitterlings and 3 gudgeons. They all do very well. All native european species. But non from the wild they were all raised in captivity.

  2. Caridina shrimp spawn larva not shrimplets, like neocaridinas do. They will swim around upside down for around 2 weeks and slowly develop other characteristics. Just for anybody saying these aren’t shrimp. They are just not as common as some as in cherry shrimp(neo cardinia) hence why cherry shrimp spawn whole shrimplets. This is one of the reasons it is harder to keep and raise cardinia shrimp.

  3. where tf did they come from??

  4. they way they pick up and carry the food is so cute

  5. That’s very neat.

  6. Those are some weird shrimp you’ve got. I kinda agree they’re shrimp because they vaguely have the tail and head, but they are missing the legs and other features. Probably a shrimp that has larvae instead of shrimpletts.

    Not sure what kind of shrimp they are but you could look at where you got your other fish from to see if they accidentally sent you a shrimp or shrimp eggs along with plants or something similar. If it’s online you could look at the shrimp varieties they may have and see what they grow up to be.

  7. It’s hard to tell in the video, but are you sure those are shrimp? I haven’t seen shrimp swim like that, and those seem like they could be some kind of mosquito larvae or something like that, which would be concerning

  8. I don’t think those are shrimp. Can you get a close up picture?

  9. What do you feed them?

  10. Your “shrimp” look weird

  11. Baby shrimp don’t constantly swim like that. They’ll swim for a second, and then land on the glass or substrate for a while. I do not think those are shrimp babies. Or at least not cherry shrimp babies.

  12. Those are not shrimps buddy

    How come I’m getting downvotes for saying what others said as well? I too learned new information today, so I do apologize if I came across snarky.

  13. Remind me of mysid shrimp.

  14. Life, uh, finds a way

  15. what species of caridina is this?

  16. Did you have shrimp before??

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