1. I’ve been looking for this too! My cories are looking for them also!!! Lol

  2. ngl your crawfish there will eat damn near anything

    If it’s anything like crawfish I’ve kept, you could probably drop a boot in there and it’d find a way. Otherwise, I’ve seen my crawfish dragging normal algae pellets back to their dens like bears going into hibernation. Give it to them, they’ll eat. If you’re concerned about giving them shrimp, just get some freeze dried shrimp and drop them in. I wouldn’t stress too much about a specific diet.

    Great crawfish though

  3. I gave these up years ago because they leave a mess but alot of my fish loved them.

    My Substitutes:

    1. Shrimp/Tilapia
    2. Bugs. ( I feed my fish from a breeding colony of mill worms they love all stages of these bugs) sometimes if a cricket escapes my lizard cage, the fish get it.
    3. Hikari sinking pellets.

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