1. That is so cool – no idea why eggs would be left, or are non-viable eggs discarded with moult?

  2. I’ve seen this a lot in shrimp breeding tanks. The “bugs” are just that, but I’ve never known them to be a bad thing. Hopefully someone who knows more can chime in but basically they’re part of the decomposition process.

    The egg being left behind is common. There are times where I’ve seen entire clutches get left behind because a molt happened before the eggs matured.

  3. if a shrimp molts whiled berried, it will drop its eggs. usually it won’t molt while berried, but sometimes its natural cycled lines up, or stress or new conditions forces them to molt early.

  4. Aaaaand I feel my skin crawling

  5. 400 to 3k depending

  6. 15 second mark is a gastrotich I think. Not sure about the others though

  7. That some nasty thing

  8. It’s not eggs…

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