1. Amano shrimp might be bold enough?

    Betta will eat most shrimp though. Might not right away, but when hunger/opportunity strike. Neos are not an option.

  2. If you were to get shrimp you’d need a lot more plants for hiding spots for the shrimp to hide from the betta

  3. I do not recommend adding cherry shrimp with a betta. I tried it, and one by one my cherries dissappeared, and I literally saw him eating one of them. I seperated them.

    Sid Fishcious is in another tank now, with six amano shrimp. He completely ignores them. The amanos are big, bold and quick enough to not have to worry about getting eaten. They are also voracious algae eaters!!

  4. Yeah. I wouldn’t do neos. Too small. Amanos are fine. When I first added them, my betta looked like it wanted to fight them. But after awhile, he lost interest and he hasn’t really fucked with them since. Neos, however, he definitely attacked.

  5. try ghost shrimp they’re to big for betta fish to eat (although they will attack your shrimp still) you need to add as much cover as possible so the shrimp can hide and eat in peace

  6. My friend has a few neocaridinas in with her betta (and pygmy cories and kuhli loaches) and the news have been having a ball. I would definitely add a lot more hiding places if you’re going to put shrimp in though, especially if you want a stable population

  7. Bettas eat shrimp in the wild so I bite no despite many fish stores telling you otherwise

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