Second shrimp has gotten into the outflow and died. How do I forestall this from occurring once more?

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  1. Or a fine mesh net. Or the hose.

  2. With a rubber band. Take 2 a fasten it down.

  3. Also likely your filter model makes a foam cover you just slip over whatever type

    So if it’s like a tube it just has a hole that fits nice and snug and it covers it totally

    There’s all kinds so a little digging they are usually just a couple bucks. Pack of two will last forever good luck!

  4. Why not put something on the outflow? Like the nylon panty hose things or how its called. Or a moss grid. Or the opposite of thick sponge.

    Or put it slightly above water.

    I think you have a lot of options.

    I actually bought to this double sponge the Aquael Pat Mini and use it instead of the air. Love that combo. (You block the air intake, and put the water pump on the what’s your outflow). Got the idea and guide from Youtube.

  5. Outflow of what? Your airfilter?

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