Right this moment I lastly obtained some shrimp and a snail! I’m so glad!

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  1. Thought the second pic was a mistake til I saw the little guy 😂

  2. Hey just FYI they’ll breed and breed back to wild type color! Not everyone cares but it’s worth noting if your intention was to have bright colors.

  3. A couple of acrobats i see.

  4. Man I got 5 snails and am scared to take care of shrimp 🦐

  5. Naww. My crestie ate all mine 😂

  6. Bestiees forevaa hahah

  7. I love mystery snails they are so cute I have 5 and plan to get more once my tank finishes cycling 🙂🐌

  8. As much as I hate these notifications from reddit, this one was worth it. The shrimp remind me of shark tail.

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