Reset aquarium for future betta. Solely cherry shrimp atm.

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  1. You letting the shrimp get eaten if the betta attacks them? I tried acclimating some but my betta seen them and immediately tried to chase them so i decided not to put them in there.

  2. Amazing! What’s the carpet plant? I’m looking for some

  3. 😭 Why can everyone grow beautiful Hydrocotyle Tripartia Japan but me?! I’ve tried so many times, and it dies. Most recently I believe it died due to MTS. I think they are currently digging up my Val. I love them, but I love my plants more!

  4. :’D expensive betta snacks most likely

  5. Really nice tank. What co2 system are you using?

  6. Plant in the background? Looks really cool

  7. Love the little trees!!

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