Replace on my starwars tank! Seeds have all sprouted properly and I’ve added my shrimp.

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Deal Score0

  1. Seeds? Uh oh.

  2. What substrate are you using?

  3. Cool. Love it

  4. Where did you get the death star?

  5. I’ve altered the tank. Pray I don’t alter it any further

  6. Oh you poor soldier…

    Get viviparous eleocharis if you want some seeds to sprout that will stay alive for real! Also arrow arum! It’s rare but there are indeed aquatic plants that grow from seed if that’s something that interests you…

  7. Cool idea. First Star Wars tank I’ve seen.

  8. So I’ve seen the DS and ATAT(in various sizes), but I can’t find a decent XWing anywhere. Where did you snag yours from?

  9. genius combine two passions at once

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