Recommendation for a background plant in my humble shrimp tank?

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  1. Glossostigma in the front,
    Fissidens fontanus inside the wood piece at the top,
    Water sprite behind the rock,
    buce in one of the openings of the wood fixture,
    and then red root floater, azolla, duckweed, and Amazon frogbit.

    I also have cuttings of pothos, parrot feather from my pond, and a mystery potted plant for rooting.

    All of these plants are doing well. I originally had hornwort and another fast-growing plant in the back but I’ve pulled them and that has opened up space in the bg that I’m looking to fill.

  2. probably jungle vallisneria

  3. A Java fern on the rock maybe?

  4. IDK but dang that log is so cool

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