Received three crystal crimson shrimp one week in the past and so they appear wonderful however all three molted previously 2 days! Is that this a stress…

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  1. The ph is really of for crystals. I keep mine at 5. You should have measure other parameters like kH a gH. I think that there might be something in your tank that raise your pH. New stones maybe? Just don’t do fast radical changes to water it might kill them. You should find the cause of this then solve the problem and then slowly start lowering your pH. If you run HOB filter or canister you can ad sock with buffering substrate like ADA aquasoil etc. Just be careful firstly you have to cycle the soil to prevent ammonia spike. Hope they will make it and it won’t chase you away from keeping caridinas 🙂

  2. You getting a lot of advice on here and a lot of it is good advice, I can tell you are panicking a little and that’s normal but what I stress as the most important thing with shrimp is doing everything SLOW and GRADUAL don’t make any quick changes or big water changes, don’t change their water too much or too quickly

    Shrimp can adjust to new parameter if it’s not too far out of their range and it’s done slowly like very slowly, i acclimate my shrimp generally for 4 hours before adding to my tanks.

    Water changes are done with an air line tubing so the water is added back slowly.

    Just let them adapt if they can don’t get scared and make big changes as that will probably cause them to molt again and die

  3. I truly thought I was doing ok! I don’t even know anymore 😔 I don’t want these guys to be stressed or die. I literally get so much joy from them.

  4. There are two possible factors for a rising PH that come to my mind:

    – you have stones in your tank that harden the water and raise the PH

    – the CO2 is lower than usually and the PH rises (which isn’t any bad)

    I’m not sure but i think i read that if your biology changes the filter bacteria might partly die (of course there are new ones coming) this could also affect your PH but im not sure if up or down.


    A fluctuating PH is not that bad. If your shrimp are used to it they can also live in higher PH. You shrimp come from water with a ph between 5.5 and 7. Lower can be critical, but up to 8 should be no problem.

    Mine lived in water with PH from 8 to 9 and did all fine.

  5. you could buy something like dennerle nano crusta mineral to help give your shrimps the minerals they need to help them shed

  6. Ok I added some water and now my PH is lower at an 8 that freaked me out. Idk I still don’t know and I thought I had an ok grasp on this but now I’m re thinking it. Maybe I’m just not cut out for shrimp. Ramshorn snails on the other hand seem to have no effin problems

  7. Any water changes?
    Thats just a low hanging fruit question to address

  8. Did you tested the water from the store? When I got my fishes from a local store first I did was testing. I’m going to get 10 cristal red shrimp and 4 amanos through the Internet and I know my shrimps where breed in middle hard water

  9. Is your apartment getting cooler? I’ve heard that shrimp with molt en masse when the temp drops.

  10. Maybe you should calm down and do some google searches.

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