Received a sponge filter so as to add some shrimp. The tube is precisely the identical measurement as my consumption tube. How do I join them?

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  1. They don’t connect. If you’re just looking to cover the intake tube so the shrimp don’t get sucked up just cover the intake with the sponge

  2. Those aren’t meant to be connected.

    With that being said, they can be connected with a coupler if you’d like to use the sponge filter like a pre filter sponge. Would be kinda ugly though and it will clog fast if it’s a fine sponge.

  3. It’s going to be slightly ugly, but you can use a larger rubber hose to go over both tubes

  4. You could dip the tip of one plastic pipe into boiling water for a few seconds at a time to soften the plastic. Then use gentle force to get the other plastic pipe to spread the soften plastic open to form over non-boiled piece. Making a sort of slip-fit. Just remember a few seconds of boiling water goes a long way with plastic that thin. Multiple boil sessions may be needed. You can easily deform the pipe.

  5. This sponge filter is for air tube from a air pump.

  6. Im shocked to see no one has suggested removing the plastic lift tube and trying to put the top tube in where the lift tube goes.

  7. If you want to save the sponge filter for another tank in the future, another easy way to keep from shrimp getting sucked in is get a filter sponge (I use the 3 pack from fluval though baby shrimp can get through adults can’t and not all babies do) I cut a small slit in it and just shove it on to the filter intake. If I cut the slit too big I use a zip tie to hold it on but usually it stays on by itself.

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