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  1. You might find a heater online that’s short enough for the tank. I usually only use heaters for shrimp in the winter, since in Canada it gets pretty cold. I usually use cheap top-fin rectangular heaters which are pre-set to 78, or whatever else I have in hand. Heaters aren’t really necessary though, your shrimp will be alright without one.

    2cm should be enough, you can always add more later.

    Completely up to you wether you go for walstad or a filter, you’ll just have to really fill it up with plants. Filter is always good though, you can still dirt the tank and use a small filter.

    Cycling a 2 gallon is easy. The more hard part is keeping the parameters stable, because the smaller the tank, even small spikes or issues will have overall more affect because of the water volume. You’ll find that it’s pretty easy as long as you can maintain it well.

    Crypts of all types are good root feeders. Buce are very beautiful, similar to anubias but with more colour and texture. Plants like hydrocolyte tripiata, and moss, shrimp love. Get a few clumbs of different types of moss if you want variety.

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