1. So it’s kinda’ impossible to over oxygenate. Bubblers don’t put any oxygen in the water amusingly enough, due to surface tension of the water! That’s why bubbles in salt water aquariums are smaller.

    What does happen is when the bubbles get to the surface and break, there’s gas exchange that can happen when the surface tension at the surface is disrupted. Gas exchange balances the gasses. Since atmosphere only has a tiny bit of oxygen in it, and there’s also CO2, when the water is lower of one or the other, more enters the water from the air. So it balances.

    When things get out of whack is when there’s bioload that depletes something without ability to recover, sealed or tight lidded situations, or lack of turbulence breaking the surface tension, or a layer of protein scum or oil on the surface.

  2. It’s fine luv. Looks like you have the same tank as me! Mine doesn’t have as many plants yet though! Your tank is gorgeous!

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