Put a Betta in my shrimp tank

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  1. Prediction: it will be blissful harmony. Then one day she’ll get a molting shrimp or a little shrimplet, and she will be activated. Not a shrimp tank for much longer. Hunting is a learning process for bettas. Shrimp are delicious.

  2. Your betta will have a shrimp buffet.

  3. all we can see in the picture is pure betta tank now…..

  4. Did the shrimp make you mad or something? This will be a Betta only tank shortly, just FYI.

  5. Rip shrimp.

    The ones that survive will stay in hiding.

  6. Your best shot of success is to make sure your Betta is well-fed.

  7. Thanks for sharing that you’re killing all your shrimp!

  8. I’ve had a betta living with shrimp for many
    months now and he doesn’t seem to be too interested in them. They don’t even hide when he swims by.

  9. I tried playing this EXACT game myself…do not recommend…it did not go well for the Neos.

  10. I had a betta coexist with ghost shrimp for a year and a half. It’s dependent on personality of the fish.

  11. This tank also looks a bit too tall for a betta, they like being near the surface & long fins make it hard to stay up there. I’d recommend adding one of those betta bunk suction cup leaves or something near the top for him

  12. I kept a thriving shrimp colonies with bettas, in a 110liter tank. I also have had complete colonies annihilated in days after putting bettas in, in a similar sized tank.

    Given the size of your tank, I don’t think the shrimp stand a chance at all.

  13. i.. wouldn’t do that?

  14. Poor lil shrimpies… Now they’re fish food

  15. “Expensive steak dinner? Thanks!”
    ~ Betta

  16. 2 of my 4 go for shrimp.

  17. That betta is going to eat like a king.

  18. My male betta coexists with my shrimps. There was some curiosity/ chasing at first but now he’s cool. I have so many shrimps too- they swim around without a care in the world. I also have a 20gal long

  19. 50/50 chance he’s gonna decimate the population.ive only had luck with females.

  20. I have had two betas that both lived peacefully with shrimp. The shrimp would even swim to the top and steal flakes and neither beta cared. In retaliation one of my betas would go lie on top of the algae pellets I’d toss in for the shrimp. But that was the extent of hostilities.

  21. shrimp went in hiding and didn’t last much longer after Betta introduction for me aswell. It seems like some people get lucky with theirs though

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