purchased some shrimp for my tank and this got here with them. what’s it? to me seems to be like a useless leaf.

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  1. Catappa leaves, they’re dead leaves that build and grow biofilm for shrimp to eat as it decomposes, so they can snack on it if food is running low or you’re on vacation. It will also leech some tannins and make the water slightly softer, but I wouldn’t worry about that unless your water is already acidic.

  2. Those are to roll up with while u watch the fishies

  3. Catappa leaf (Indian almond).

  4. That’s so cool some IALs were included!

    Tip: it will take a while to become waterlogged and stay on the bottom of the tank, where shrimp can get to it. I tuck mine into the filter for a while first, then put it in the tank once nice and softened.

    You don’t have to add the entire thing in at once. If you want, break in half (or smaller) and replace with fresh ones when those are picked completely apart!

  5. Dude lmfao you’re a goof

    Great detective skills 👌

  6. It’s an india almond leaf, it’s very good for shrimps and bettas

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