purchased a dozen ghost shrimp for my 20 gal. caught one in every of them EATING my bettas tail alive, by no means heard this occur…

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  1. Are you saying this thing was hanging off the fish as it swam?

  2. No, this is a ghost shrimp. You can see the orange coloration at the antennae, pincers, and orange dotting at the tail. No different from the ones I own. As they get larger, they can get quite aggressive. This is expected behavior, and has happened to my long-finned betta before in the past. Have you been feeding them adequately to cause this reaction?

  3. Could be armano. They’re similarly clear and can get very aggressive and nasty at times.

    I had to move mine out of tank with corys because they kept tipping them over. Then they ended up in a tank with a betta. Lived together for a few years and the betta started to get old and one day they just turned on him and nearly ripped him apart. He didnt survive long after that.

    My experience would be to move one or the other to a different tank. Armanos are a***oles

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